Used machines

Built: October / 2017
Built: August / 2012
Built: February / 2020
Built: May /2019
Built: August / 2019
Built: October / 2020
Built: March / 2015
Built: November/ 2019
Built: November/ 2020
Built: August/2009
Built: January / 2021
Built: March / 2021
Built: May /2019
Worked: approx. 50 hours
Engine: external power supply
Power approx. 28 kW
Status reconditioned according to the
HAMMEL - Standard
Version hook lift frame
eletrically driven
vibrating screen with changeable screen elements
return belt for oversize fraction
horizontal belt for grabbing crap
hydraulic power train for belt folding
Weight approx. 10 t

Information subject to change. Additional equipment available upon request. Prior to sale. Photos may vary from actual product. Last updated November 2021.

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