Used machines

Built: November/ 2013
Built: November / 2020
Built: February / 2004
Built: April / 2008
Built: March / 2008
Built: July / 2015
Built:  November / 2020
Worked: approx.850 h
Engine diesel engine Cummins B6.7 - Stage5
Power approx. 209 kW / 280 HP
Shafts 7/7 discs with 5 knives per discs (reconditioned)
breaker bar with combs (reconditioned)
Status reconditioned according to the
HAMMEL - Standard
Version mobile hook lift frame
wheel axle with drawbar
permanent - overband magnet
water sprinkling system
remote control
Weight approx. 24 t

Information subject to change. Additional equipment available upon request. Prior to sale. Photos may vary from actual product. Last updated August 2022.

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