Congratulations from CSS Equipment

G'Day and Happy Anniversary from Downunder

CSS Equipment has been the proud Hammel Recyclingtechnik distributor for Australia and New Zealand for more than 16 years. Our partnership continues to grow stronger each year, as we work to bring the very best recycling machinery to Australia and New Zealand. 

From the heat and cyclonic conditions of Far North Queensland to the crisp and clear island of Tasmania, from the relentless desert of the Pilbara to the mountainous and magestic New Zealand, there is no region operating without a Hammel Recyclingtechnik slow speed shredder. 

There are many success stories of Hammel helping our clients, year after year, to process the most difficult waste streams in what is arguably the most challenging environments in the world.  When we speak to CSS Equipment Director Neil Coyle to tell us some of his favourite Hammel moments, Neil is quick to recall testimonial after testimonial of how the range of primary shredders have been saving clients time and money over the decades.  However there is one real life story that stands out. Neil recalls:  

"Back in 2011, New Zealand endured a second year of devastating earthquakes.  Notably the city of Christchurch was devastated, buried under rubble, buildgings left precariuosly standing awaiting demolition, the entire city evacuated as there was literally nowhere safe.  People were left locked out of their homes and businesses, unable to recover personal belongings from buildings which had suffered irreparable damage and were awaiting demolition. We took a call from our client Nikau Demolitions who were under the pump clearing the damage, who secured a mobile VB750DK.  Urgent delivery of a demo machine we had in Australia was organised, and that machine worked it's way through an endless stream of C&D waste, easily moving from site to site, wherever it was needed and chewing through a vast range of material.  To see the Hammel Recyclingtechnik VB750DK helping during such a difficult time for the people of Christchurch, was a humbling experience." (Pictured:  Nikau's VB750DK in New Zealand) 

We would like to congratulate Hammel Recyclingtechnik on their 25th Anniversary, and wish you many successful years ahead. 


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