Bad Salzungen, 07. October 2020

After a long wait and great excitement this year's "HAMMEL- demo day" took place in Bad Salzungen on October 7, 2020.

As usual all customers and interested parties could get an idea of the production site of the HAMMEL shredders and experience various machines and systems live while processing different materials.

Following the motto "JUST SHRED IT" German and European guests experienced some highlights in the area of crushing, screening and sorting.

The event began with a stone processing plant. The HAMMEL VB 850 DK, equipped with special stone-crushing shafts, pre-shredded stones and soil. The connected double drum screen separated the material into three fractions via various screen fabrics: 0 - 10 mm, 10 - 30 mm and oversize. The third fraction (oversize) entered the HAMMEL primary shredder type VB 450 DK. The installed special shafts break down the material to approx. 50 mm.


We continued with wood and waste treatment. The audience could experience live a primary shredder type VB 750 DK with newly developed fine original HAMMEL shredding shafts. These shafts succeed to process tree trunks, cable drums, industrial waste and other materials attaining an end product size of approx. 0 – 150 mm in only one step. 

The visitors had the opprotunity to discover the 2-stage solution for waste wood and green waste. This plant consists of a HAMMEL primary shredder type VB 750 D with multifunctional shafts and a HAMMEL secondary shredder type NZS 700 D equipped with separation of ferrous and non-ferrous material. Both machines working in-line produce almost metal-free wood chips of approx. 0 - 50 mm or 0 - 100 mm, depending on the selected screen basket.


As expected, the highlight of the demo day was the demonstration of the HAMMEL metal processing plant. The centrepiece and starting point is the HAMMEL RED GIANT type VB 950 DK. This powerful 760 hp primary shredder with the latest exhaust gas level shreds light mixed scrap and aluminum. The pre-shredded material arrives at the downstream sorting equipment type MSS 1400 E. The vibrating screen withdraws nearly all fine particles (0 – 10 mm), whereas the sorting area enables the separation of the coarse impurities. The middle fraction 8 - 100 mm reaches the downstream hammer mill type HEM 1.250 DK, while the oversize is transported back to the primary shredder via a return belt. The secondary shredder with rotatable eccentric discs produces a final product size of approx. 0 - 50 mm with a small percentage of oversize. This product is eventually routed via a drum magnet station, where ferrous and non-ferrous metals pieces are separated. The non-ferrous fraction can then be sorted out by hand, e.g. copper and aluminium.

The demonstration was accompanied by HAMMEL employees giving explanations of the process in German and English. After the shredding event, all interested parties had the opportunity to see the technology up close.

HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH hopes that a new demo day can be held soon and we are looking forward to customers and interested parties from all over the world.

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