HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH has been very successful in the field of shredding technology and recycling plants for 20 years. Our primary shredders, secondary shredders, various screen and sorting techniques as well as complete systems are used worldwide by our customers.

20 years of company history mean 20 years of experience, quality and technology. Some customers still have some of our “old darlings” and they are still working like day one.

The company Bamberger Containerdienst near Marburg (Dautphetal) has, for example, one of our "old darlings" since 2009. A primary shredder of type 450 D – hooflift frame with approx. 178 HP from the year 1994. After troublesome work-up and daily maintenance the machine looks again like new. The HAMMEL primary shredder runs about 20 - 30 hours per week and crushes the demolition timber of the company Bamberger Containerdienst.

From about the end of October the "old darling" lingered in the hall of the company Bamberger container service, so that it is not exposed to the harsh autumn weather. Under these optimal conditions, this HAMMEL primary shredder can still perform its duties for several years.

Franz Hempelmann GmbH has another "old darling" in Lohne. The primary shredder type 650 D – hooklift frame is from 1997 and is estimated to have an estimated 18,000 operating hours. This machine has also been reprocessed and receives regular maintenance. The HAMMEL shredder runs about 600 hours per year and crushes almost exclusively rootstocks and logs at Franz Hempelmann GmbH.

Do you also have an "oldie but goodie"? Then please contact us or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..