After demo tours in Southern and Central Europe, this time the RED GIANT went to the north, to Scandinavia. From 17.10.2016 to 09.11.2016 the RED GIANT - VB 950 DK has undertaken its journey.

Denmark was the first stop of the powerful HAMMEL talent. With our customers and prospective customers in Denmark, the RED GIANT has mainly crushed old wood, rubble and rubbish, and was able to convince on the whole line. During the well-earned breaks, there were Danish delicacies for the HAMMEL team like fresh fish.

Afterwards, the ferry continued to Sweden. Gradually, our pre-breaker VB 950 DK - RED GIANT from Malmö via Norrköping to Stockholm has worked out. In Sweden, our RED GIANT impressed with the crushing of green cut, mixed scrap and bulky waste. Whether wood, garbage or metal the talent is facing every challenge.

On arrival in Helsinki, for the first time, snow came, which accompanied us on the rest of the tour. The RED GIANT also scored points with icy minus grades with its enormous throughput performance and user-friendly handling. In Finland, everything was crushed from film rolls, bulk waste and mixed scrap to autocars.

Für For the frosty weather in Scandinavia the winter package of HAMMEL is perfect. A special heating system ensures that the hydraulic oil and the diesel do not freeze, so that even at minus degrees can be easily shredded.

The demo tour through Scandinavia was a complete success and HAMMEL thanks all customers and prospective customers for their always warm welcome and hospitality.