Our rubric ‘‘shredding in extraordinary places in the world ‘‘leads us this time to the Azores. The green islands of the Azores are located 1369 km west of the European mainland and 4382 km east of North America. They consist of 9 larger islands and a couple of smaller ones. Summarized they do represent an autonomous region of Portugal.

As many other islands the Azores have to face typical problems. The appearance of waste is constantly rising and appropriate capacities for waste disposal and waste incineration plants are missing. Therefore, rethinking is essential to enable waste removal and recycling.

On Terceira, a part of the Azores’ central island group, waste removal and waste separation are organized by the communes of public companies. Especially company Teramb in Angra do Heroísmo has promoted projects in recent years to improve structures of recycling and to prepare waste for processing. Thus, amongst other things, a plant was built to produce electricity by using waste processing. Since the present material is often too big for the bunker in its primary condition, it is necessary to shred it in advance.

For shredding industrial waste like foils, tires, mattresses and packaging material a HAMMEL-primary shredder VB 650 E is used locally. This shredder was supplied by company HAMMEL and is equipped with an electric motor. The shredding of the material occurs with the aid of two slow running, intertwining tool shafts. Subsequently the homogeneous final end product is being transported to the bunker and thus can increase the heat value of the entire plant a lot.

This project was implemented thanks to company Metalúrgica Açoreana, established in the Azores, and is optimally cared for in the future in the field of service through them.