A new electro- and electronic equipment act, which came into force on 24.07.2016, shall help consumers to return their electronic scrap without any charge. According to the European Union such recycling has to be done in an environmentally responsible and resource-saving way. The goal of this e-law is to make sure that used electronical devices do not end up in the domestic waste, but instead have to be taken back and recycled. Since this day, all electronic equipment traders/distributors have to ensure compliance with this new EU- legislation.

Crucial element of the electronic recycling is the precise separation of metal and plastic, to win back material components and to further process them.

Company HAMMEL offers optimal solutions in the field of shredding and also innovative separation and sorting technologies. Through effective shredding and separating of magnetic (FE-) metals from non-magnetic (NE) materials, a precise recycling of electrical waste is possible.

The portfolio of HAMMEL includes different components of sorting technology. The mobile metal separator MMA 1400 E works with a drum magnet to separate magnetic (FE-) metals from non-magnetic (NE-) materials. The mobile eddy current separator MWA 1000 E separates aluminum from the fluff-fraction by an eddy current method. The mobile sorting station MSS 1000 E is able to sort out stainless steel by means of an induction sorting system and with metal sensors. Also the mobile metal screen MMS 150 DK was engineered for the mobile use and separates metals with a magnet drum. The SMA is a stationary metal separator and divides the metals also with a magnet drum.

HAMMEL offers with its components effective solutions for the separation of different materials to ensure also the recycling of electronic waste. So far 800.000 tons of e- waste are collected every year in Germany, tendency rising. Herein lies great potential for the coming years to further promote recycling.

Electronic scrap contains a great number of various materials like copper, aluminum, or stainless steel. These raw materials can be regained from old electrical appliances and then be re-used. From 2019 onwards at least 65 percent of all waste electrical equipment shall be recycled and reprocessed throughout the EU. Accordingly, the recycling industry expects further gains by the new electro- and electronic equipment act.