Since 2009 the Agro Energy Schwyz AG is using a wood recycling plant. This year yet another stationary wood plant consisting of a primary shredder VB 750 E and a secondary shredder NZS 700 E by HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH has been delivered to the local Swiss energy producer. With the delivery of this new waste wood processing plant it makes it easier for Agro Energy Schwyz AG to obtain green electricity and district heating from the collected waste wood from companies and forests nearby. "We are actively working on the energy transition", states the management of Agro Energy Schwyz AG. "We want to supply the Schwyz region with electricity and heat from natural and local resources to increase the independence of the region." According to the corporate philosophy of Agro Energy Schwyz AG this is done by locally adding value to the use of fossil fuels, generated from the regionally available raw material of wood using latest technologies.

The two-stage HAMMEL-wood processing plant enables energy saving and thus extremely economical size reduction of various types of wood. With the slow-speed HAMMEL-primary shredder VB 750 E the input material is pre-shredded. Hereby, the material from the hopper moves directly to the two intertwining shredding shafts, where the material is optimally drawn in and pre-shred. The pre-shredded material is yet again processed in the NZS 700 E. The high-speed shredder works with a rotor, which is equipped with fixed blades. A hydraulically preloaded screen basket, which is available in several sizes, defines the respective final end product.

The Agro Energy Schwyz AG is a company under private law, which is operating the energy center Wintersried in Ibach and the district heating network in the basin of the canton Schwyz. Here, green electricity and heat are produced CO2 - neutral from regional biomass. In wood chip furnaces regional waste wood and fresh wood is burned and thus electricity and heat is produced. The thermal energy is fed into the district heating network and so many households and businesses in the surrounding communities around Schwyz, the hospital and even the Swiss Holiday Park are heated.

The approx.1 MW/h of electrical energy is being redirected into the main network.

The goal is a regional, independent and CO2-neutral energy supply in the region of Schwyz. The Agro Energy Schwyz AG was founded in 2006. The first vision has already become reality. After only 10 years the Agro Energy Schwyz AG is already supplying a large amount of the region with sustainable energy. The Agro Energy Schwyz AG produces about 11 million kW / h of green electricity and about 58 million kW / h of heat annually. This corresponds to the electricity needs of 2,750 households.