Worldwide authorities have been under pressure to harmonize worldwide emission standards, in order to equalize engine emission approvals for different markets.

Already since one year HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH implemented the new exhaust standard for the machine type VB 950 DK.
The “RED GIANT” works “green” with the 760 Hp CAT C18 engine.

What does it mean? The new EU stage 5 emission standard is meanly responsible to limit the value of the particle concentration, to reach this the machines requires diesel particle filters (DPF).

What changes the customers will recognize?
  • the machines are equipped with the latest motor technology
  • increased injection pressure for highly efficient combustion of the fuel
  • cooled exhaust gas recirculation to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions
  • diesel particle filter (DPF) to reduce the particle content
  • the filter burns free itself and rarely needs to be regenerated

The slow-speed shredder also are presented in a modern design. A newly modified discharge conveyor with an enormous discharge height of approx. 5,000 mm, gives customers even more latitude for storing the material after shredding.

Together with the optimization of the power unit and the cooling system, a huge reduction in noise can be achieved. The VB 950 DK also comes with the proven "easy to use control". It is characterized by its user friendlyness. Parameters such as e.g. shaft speed and reversing times can be set easily. Error messages are shown in cleartext.

The all-rounder comes into use in the areas of waste and fresh wood, railways sleepers; bulky, domestic and insutrial waste, but especially in the shredding of aluminum profiles, car bodies, light mixed scraps and many more.